Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The iPad 4 with 128GB of storage capacity and is Available

As Apple announced last week, the new iPad in April with 128 GB capacity and is for sale through the Apple Online Store and of course also in physical stores and official distributors.

ipad blanco El iPad 4 con 128GB de Capacidad de Almacenamiento ya está Disponible

The new model is identical to that already knew. That is, the new iPad 4 with Retina display and 128GB of storage capacity with the same features as the version with less storage capacity (A6X processor, Retina display, connector Lightning, etc, etc ...), the only difference is the storage capacity.

The iPad 4 with Retina display and 128GB capacity is available

This new model now stands as the high-end, replacing the hitherto occupied this position and offering 64GB of storage. The iPad 4 with 128GB capacity is priced at € 799 in the case of the model with only WiFi connectivity and € 929 in case of choosing the model that has WiFi and LTE connectivity also internationally.

There is no doubt that the most popular model is the 16GB. Maybe not by the available capacity, but for being the cheapest of all the models that Apple currently offers. Maybe in many cases this storage capacity is insufficient for the use to which it plans to give the device, but money talks and the price difference is quite noticeable between this model and the next, the 32GB (100 € difference) .

ipad 128gb precios El iPad 4 con 128GB de Capacidad de Almacenamiento ya está Disponible

There is some talk that Apple may be testing this new 128GB model for, in the next generation, remove the 16GB model and start the range with 32GB and priced a little cheaper. It would certainly be good news, although it does not really know if this will happen or will another of the huge list of rumors circulating about everything that has to do with Apple.

Meanwhile, as we mentioned, it is possible to buy the new iPad 4 with Retina display and 128GB of capacity available in two colors: black and white or in the two versions by Connectivity: WiFi or WiFi + LTE.

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