Monday, February 11, 2013

The future of Siri: monitor our environment through the iPhone

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When the voice assistant Siri was released alongside the iPhone 4S, we could see the occasional proposal programmers who were sympathetic with the voice assistant to control various household items. This should be just the future of Siri: to allow us to interact with our environment by simply giving voice instructions. Currently there are many accessories that allow us to control house lights, garage doors and even the thermostat. But we take something missing: everything is unified in one place rather than in separate applications.

Well, in the video that heads this article we see how a developer has acquired Siri to control various elements of your home. To do this, has used its own server in order to reprogram Siri and send instructions to your own home, without sending any information to Apple's servers. If you're geeky computing, you will like to know how this programmer has conducted the project through the information posted on GitHub platform .

In the video we see how the protagonist of the story opens and closes the garage door via voice commands. Siri was even scheduled to make sure if there is something blocking the garage door (would be wrong for the door to close up the car). In addition, use Siri to cancel the alarm in your home, set the temperature on the thermostat display cameras placed in your home, turn off and on lights and even change television. By the way, the thermostat we see in the video is Nest, created by the father of the iPod. In Current iPhone as we have taught you .

Here you have another video with a similar idea to open and close the curtains:

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In short, we have a very interesting proposal which shows an intelligent home that we can control with our voice and an iPhone.

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