Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The First Cases & Covers for iPad 5 and are on sale

If we go by the pace of updates that Apple has continued until now with iOS devices is expected that the next iPad 5 pm still 5 or 6 months to arrive. Still, there are rumors that the company may launch the new model before and shorten the lifetime of the current model, accelerating the pace of upgrades to compete against other manufacturers that launch different products with similar characteristics.

Given the rumors that the iPad 5 will have a similar design to the iPad mini, manufacturers of covers and housings for iPad already been put to work and created the first cases, which they estimate will be compatible with the 9.7-inch iPad next when it reaches the market.

carcasa ipad 5 negra Las Primeras Fundas y Carcasas para el iPad 5 ya Están a la Venta

Manufacturers of covers and housings Chinese have already made the first sales 5 iPad accessories

These covers are faithful representations of the rumors that have emerged so far. Manufacturers have created covers following the mini iPad but design making them a little bigger. That is, are covers for a device slightly larger, thinner, with small bevel around the screen and of course with rounded corners. In addition, the covers have space for Lightning connector on the bottom and the speaker grilles on either side of the connector (the iPad 4 has speakers in the rear).

The first covers already on sale through the Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba, a huge portal selling all kinds of products from China. Of course, buying one of these cases is risky, as there is no confirmation that hit the market once the new iPad 5 are really compatible with it and we may be wasting money.

fundas ipad 5 colores Las Primeras Fundas y Carcasas para el iPad 5 ya Están a la Venta

Since then, Chinese manufacturers risk much throwing these bags to the market so soon. There is no confirmation that the iPad 5 has dimensions that are used to the device and if it finally arrives with other measures will lose a lot of money invested in these cases and housings. While looking on the other hand, if the measures are correct and these covers and housings are compatible will be first available accessories compatible with the next generation of iPad.

Not the first time that manufacturers of covers act this way, basing their creations on the rumors. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes not. Definitely a great risk, but business is well and nothing ventured nothing gained.

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