Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"IYate", the dream of Steve Jobs at sea

Popularly known as "iYate", the boat designed by Steve Jobs before his death, which was in charge of making the shipping company Feadship, has finally been able to go to the United States.


The boat remained in the port of Santa Cruz Tenerife (Canary Islands) since last January 4 and left for Palm Beach (Florida) after 5 days off for its 15 crew members and the corresponding supply.

With its 78 meters long and 1876 tons, VENUS, as it is called, is the culmination of one of the great dreams of Steve Jobs, who could not enjoy the life boat. In one of many conversations with Isaac Walterson to complete his biography could be read with reference to the ship:

"You may die and leave Laurene [his widow] a ship under construction, but I have to keep working on its development, because otherwise they would be admitting that I am about to die."

The project suffered multiple delays due to the obsession with details perfectionist Steve Jobs. And it was on 28 October 2012, after a year of his death, when he could be seen for the first time this work of art in the city of Aalsmeer (Netherlands). The boat launch was attended by the widow and children of Steve Jobs, who addressed a few words to the team responsible for the successful completion of this difficult enterprise:

"Thanks for your hard work and your skill."

As a curiosity, each worker was presented with the dedicated iPod family.


The ship, minimalist lines and thoughtful design we are so used in each of Apple products, seeks purity of form, with its large windows getting light its designer sought.

The interiors remind aesthetics greatly followed by the Apple Store and run from the hand of Philippe Starck. It was rumored at the time that might be working for an Apple product, but really this was the project that occupied his hours.


Valued at more than 100 million euros, has some features available to very few. A Jacuzzi in the bow, a teak deck, sliding glass doors or seven 27-inch iMac, which direct and control the boat, are some of their brand new features.

After being in Amsterdam in recent months (pending the completion of the payment was still pending) and after an improvement in time to allow his departure, VENUS could sail the ocean to the Americas.

After seeing first hand how it glides over the sea, I can only repeat a quote that will always be the "alma mater" of Apple:

"Go to bed at night and think I've done something great. That's what matters most to me. "

And no doubt this boat, it's great.

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