Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The CEO of France Telecom says that Apple is less arrogant than Before

As in recent years, Apple does not attend any technology fair, at least not officially. If he did before, but decided to quit when Steve Jobs was still alive. Still, the name of the company and its products resonates strongly throughout. Whether shaped accessory manufacturers for their products or other manufacturers simply comparing their products with Apple.

Currently being held in Barcelona a new edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and of course, Apple is on the lips of many people, including senior phone companies like France Telecom.

stephane richard El CEO de France Telecom Dice que Apple es Menos Arrogante que Antes

France Telecom CEO talks about Apple in a media dinner in Barcelona

At a dinner with different media, the current CEO of France Telecom, Stephane Richard has talked about Apple and more specifically on its relationship with Apple currently telephone operators, at least in his experience.

According to Stephane, Apple has become a company easier to manage under the direction of Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple. Specifically Richard said:

"Apple has become more flexible, more attention to others and probably a little less arrogant than it used to be. I think they're under a little more pressure and is very nice. "

It's no secret that Tim Cook is a more calm and peaceful in his words that Steve Jobs, so I really do not surprise us too the words of Stephane Richard, but the question is will this be good for the future of Apple? Undoubtedly, this is a "notch" more with which Tim Cook will struggle to please the shareholders of the company and show that the ship will not sink without the charismatic CEO and intuitive as before.

steve jobs tim cook El CEO de France Telecom Dice que Apple es Menos Arrogante que Antes

In addition, the CEO of French Telecom had the opportunity to talk about the smartphone market. He believes that the market is not large enough to support many competitors and still believes that while Samsung and Apple currently dominate the market, there will at some point a third competitor.

Moreover downplayed Windows Phone 8 and sela├▒├│ Nokia phones that no longer have the "spark" that previously had much less compared to Samsung and Apple devices.

"The Nokia family in my opinion is fine, but there is a 'wow effect'. When you are in a very stable market with players such as Apple and Samsung, you need to have that 'wow effect', in order to attract consumers. "

Also, do not cut in praising the work he has done Thorsten Heins, the new CEO of BlackBerry, renewing the platform of their devices, but not sure that the change is enough to succeed, even considering that the company has with brand-loyal users.

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