Friday, February 22, 2013

The board of directors of Apple test devices up to 18 months before release

art levinson El consejo de administración de Apple prueba los dispositivos hasta 18 meses antes de su lanzamiento

The chairman of the board of Apple, Arthur D. Levinso, has made some very interesting statements this week during a conference that was held at Stanford University. According Levinso, the board of directors of the company have the opportunity to test the devices that will be launched within the sector or up to 18 months before they see the light before the public. In some cases, the devices are tested with only six months in advance.

"The council's mission is to provide instructions about the specifications of the devices," noted Levinso in the talk, "is rather to provide their personal opinions about using". "The committee is there to hire and fire the CEO, rather," recalled Arthur D. Levinso.

The chairman of the talk focused on talking about the figure of Steve Jobs, who says miss:

"It has not reached that point where you enter the conference room and not miss Steve Jobs. He was a special ... The Steve Jobs that the general public perceived, was not the same one I knew. "

Given these statements we wonder if the committee will have already tested awaited iWatch or Apple TV.

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Source- Fortune

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