Friday, February 22, 2013

The Battle Apple vs Samsung takes another step

One of the most notorious trials in recent years regarding the patent issue concerns seems to be closer to coming to an end. The theme comes from afar, from the very inception of Android might say. Samsung, one of the operating system flagged trademarks of Google, was sued by Apple for patent violation case. Following a lengthy and revealing trial in the U.S., the Korean giant was ordered to pay 1,052 million dollars to Apple for damages .

Of course the waters returned to normal after the ruling, both companies have continued accusing each other, claiming violations and alleged violations in patent issues. Yes, Samsung also claims. After the initial battle, the second confrontation came a few months ago in which Big Blue go down too well, found that the company had used Apple's patents in a "deliberate".

While this statement is in the appeal process, the judge handling the case at both trials, Lucy Koh, has urged the two companies to reduce the number of products accused of violating patents only 25. The reasons are Koh defends both companies should be able to prioritize over the others that are the most serious offenses, and this in turn would serve to "focus and streamline" the great open conflict between the two majors.

apple vs samsung1 La Batalla Apple vs Samsung da un Nuevo Paso

The judge has ordered both companies to reduce the number of patents infringed only 25

Recall that this measure would already addressed in the course of the first trial. Both companies brought a long list of alleged infringement and had to establish a set of limits and restrictions. Even during the development of the liturgy slowed the number of witnesses that provided both parties and the time spent on each. Koh was amazed at the long list of witnesses that Apple was thinking quote call, a whopping 22. The judge not only denied that this will take place but asked counsel of the Cupertino company "if he was smoking crack."

It seems that the eternal battle between Apple and Samsung is far from over, but steps like this help a final determination of the case much faster. We must not forget that a few days ago unveiled a Reuters Tim Cook alleged statements in which he said he had never wanted to denounce Samsung, as I saw this detrimental to their interests, and apparently was Steve Jobs himself assuming that these risks went ahead with the lawsuit.

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