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The Apple TV is the "Sixth Pata" Apple

Although Steve Jobs described the Apple TV in 2007 as the device could become the "fourth leg" of the company, there are now five major lines ahead of him.

appletv jobs El Apple TV Es la Sexta Pata de Apple

As we mentioned earlier today, Apple seems to begin to see the iTunes ecosystem / Applications / Services as a "leg" over "stool" on which rests the company.

This observation is a reference to a comment made ​​by Steve Jobs in 2007, when he said, in the introduction of the iPhone and Apple TV, "We hope that the iPhone is the third leg of our chair, and maybe someday Apple TV may be the fourth. "

At the time, Jobs described Apple had two legs, the Mac line, a business of some 10,000 million dollars, and the music, which included the iPod and iTunes, which meant another 10,000 million.

Two "legs" supported by six other major important

Under the two "legs" that pose major $ 20,000 million, Apple has another 6 support legs involving 156,000 million.

Today, five years later, the "stool" Apple has more than four legs, but the company has changed the way of counting. In 2012, the Mac has become a business of 23,200 million dollars, while the iPhone has become a company of 78,700 million. The iPad, when Steve Jobs talked about the Apple TV did not exist, it is now a "leg" of 30,900 million.

negocios apple 650x341 El Apple TV Es la Sexta Pata de Apple

However, instead of having iTunes with iPod sales as they did before, Apple has separated. That leaves the iPod with a business of only U.S. $ 5,600 million (which was quickly cannibalized by the launch of the iPhone and iPad).

On the other hand, iTunes music, applications and other services revenues have grown up to 12,900 million dollars. To this we must add "leg" which means sales of accessories, a business of 5,200 million. Categorized in "Accessories" are all Apple hardware peripherals and third party accessories (ranging from headphones to housing). This is where you include sales of Apple TV.

So instead of being "the fourth leg" as Jobs envisioned in 2007, the Apple TV is part of the filling of the sixth "foot", behind the iPod by little, but less than half of iTunes ecosystem benefits / Apps / Services, which in turn is now half the size of the business of the iPad and the Mac, which in turn are half the size of the iPhone business.

Need new Apple "legs" or larger can do that already?

Some observers expect Apple to launch a brand new product that is likely to create another "leg" for the company, who knows, televisions, smart watches or other hardware products you can imagine.

However, the successful growth of Apple's current business is already creating "new legs" invisible (such as sales of software and accessories) almost as large in revenues (18,000 million) as was Apple in 2006 (19,320 million ).

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