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The 5 Tweaks You Should Download after the iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

Once you release the Jailbreak for iOS 6.1, there are some tweaks that you download is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, we saw that Cydia will be better prepared for the onslaught of users, so there should be no problem to download all your favorite apps and tweaks.

cinco tweaks imprescindibles Los 5 Tweaks que Debes Descargar tras el Jailbreak de iOS 6.1

While we wait, why not consider some of the tweaks that you should have when it launches for the Jailbreak? This list will be enough to calm the anxiety of some download like crazy just have done the Jailbreak.


Siri has become almost unbearable to use in all but the most basic situations. It seems that only does good things about 10% of the time. The built-in voice search applications Google search is infinitely more accurate and faster than Siri. Although unable to perform functions integrated into the system as Siri does, it's still better to search by voice.

NowNow is a Jailbreak tweak that allows you to search Google Voice assigned to an Activator gesture. This means that instead of holding down the Home button to launch Siri, you can hold down the Home button and launch the search with Google Voice instead.

Unless you just convinced NowNow, another similar is ActiVoice tweak.


Auxo is a tweak that completely changes the screen to switch between applications, showing a preview of the same. One of the tweaks that was actually designed with the larger screen of the iPhone 5 in mind. In its recent update features have been incorporated as VIP applications and native support for gestures of Activator. The truth is that Auxo is one of the most important Cydia tweaks. You have it in your iPhone 5. In addition, there will soon be a version for iPad.


AssistantLove some applications can integrate with Siri voice to control them. This applies, for example, Spotify. With AssistantLove can control the music from Spotify with Siri, just like you do with the music you have in the native application. This means you can have a virtually unlimited supply of music controlled voice (assuming of course you have Spotify Premium account).

IntelliScreen X

Although one of the veterans, would be a crime to leave out of a list like this to IntelliScreen X. If ye had previously Jailbreak, sure know IntelliScreen X. For that you may be new to the Jailbreak, say that X is a tweak IntelliScreen amending Notifications Center iOS. You can read the timeline of Twitter, the Facebook wall and post new updates of both. It allows you to quickly read and reply SMS and email, and view your favorite RSS feeds. All this from the Notifications Center. You can find more features IntelliScreen X in the following video:


Another Jailbreak heavyweights. If you are familiar with the Mac Finder or the Windows File Explorer, then you know that you can find in iFile. iFile to explore, create and modify at will anything within the file structure of iOS. It is a very powerful application for any Jailbreak basic.

iFile also allows you to install packages without needing to know the terminal commands. You can modify the plist files and transfer files via a web server or via Bluetooth.

Special mention

Although the previous five I think are completely indispensable, I also want to pay special tribute to other tweaks that are well worth:

  • Springtomize 2
  • X Dashboard
  • Stride
  • Quasar
  • biteSMS
  • Zephyr

Note that some of these tweaks and applications may not be directly compatible with iOS 6.1. At this time many developers are working flat out to adapt their applications to the new iOS, but there is no guarantee that each application named in this items is ready for launch day of iOS 6.1 Jailbreak .

What do you think the small selection? Echais? Missing any?

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