Thursday, February 14, 2013

The 5 most absorbing games for iPad

There are several hundred games for iPad, but only a few have the privilege to keep users engaged for hours. Today we will propose a small selection with five games for the Apple tablet that will make you forget for a while the world around you. Warning, the fun, the challenge and intrigue are insured.

juegos mas absorbentes ipad Los 5 Juegos más Absorbentes para iPad

Minecraft for iPad

The fashion game also has its share for the lucky owners of an iPad. If you have never tried it today is as good a day as any to start building your empire of pixelated blocks. Few games as addictive and yet so simple you can find on any platform. His two game modes (creative or survival) assure us hundreds of hours in front of the tablet screen. The latest update to add new pets, materials, and brings improvements in the control and interface.

The Room for iPad

Imagine that you are trapped in a mysterious and gloomy room, where you will have to solve a series of intricate puzzles if you want to escape. The Room has stunning graphics together with a good interface. Not surprisingly, Apple crowned him as the iPad Game of the Year, which says a lot. Everything revolves around a mysterious box of mechanisms, which you should open if you want to know what lies beyond the walls of this room.

Little Inferno for iPad

A game where you burn everything you can think of a fun way. You will have to ask for lots of catalog objects to set them on fire with a touch of your fingers. As you can imagine, all accompanied with a lighthearted and unrealistic aesthetic. Also, if you burn group objects will obtain combos and points that you can redeem for new objects.

Plague Inc. for iPad

A strategy and simulation game extremely addictive. This time, you are some evil scientists who create a virus, parasite or bacteria mortal, with the idea to infect everyone. Your ultimate goal, if you do well, will exterminate the human race from the face of the earth. Put like that, it does not sound very fun. But of course, the human race and the police will not let you get away with it more easily, ready to fight if you want your plan to succeed before they find a cure.

Table Top Racing for iPad

Finally, we offer a set of miniature cars, where the circuit is nothing more and nothing less than the home table. We dodge cups, glasses, plates and other tableware items and power-ups to use our resources and dirty for you beat any price. The graphics, but not least, are the very best we have seen in the iPad.

What do you think this selection of the most addictive games and absorbent for iPad? Sure that you too have a special game that makes you spend hours and hours on the iPad as if it were a sigh afternoon. Of what is it?

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