Friday, February 1, 2013

Tests with evasi0n Jailbreak already begun

As many of you know, the tool to jailbreak iOS 6.1 and earlier versions out officially in a few days . The hacker group is launching evad3rs evasi0n resulting in a whole new era in the world of changing Apple devices.

Tests with evasi0n jailbreak already begun

A lot of users of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are willing to jailbreak your device, so you can install Cydia plugins that provide greater versatility to Apple's mobile operating system.

In evasi0n website displays a counter showing the percentage they consider carrying travels long and tedious way to release a jailbreak safe, reliable and intuitive. Today was about 75 percent, so hopefully this weekend will enter the final phase of testing.

pruebas jailbreak ipad evasi0n Las Pruebas de Jailbreak con evasi0n ya han Comenzado

How many of you are going to make jaiblreak to your iPad when it is available? What plugins echáis Cydia are those most?

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