Monday, February 11, 2013

Stratego, the classic board game is now available on iPad

How many of you are small you passed (or not so little) hours playing board game Stratego? Well, now you can once again feel the "excitement" of the battle directly to your iPad and against players from around the world, as the last couple of weeks is officially available on the App Store.

Stratego 1

This version of the game will allow us to customize some aspects such as the field of screen appearance of the tabs and the type of game (more or less short), but keep the essence of the original, having to eliminate all the enemies trying to attack soldiers with higher tab.

Stratego 3

For those who do not know, the basic rule is: the card with the highest number of consumes the least amount. So, not knowing what is in each box chips the enemy, we must grope and rearranging the cards to try out enemies and capture their flag.

In addition, each character will have its own characteristics, such as the possibility of atarcar first or defuse bombs.

Stratego 2

The game is not bad and is quite entertaining, but its price may seem too expensive, considering that there are times when it seems a "web app" that can be adapted and play for free at the same version from their website .


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