Friday, February 8, 2013

Steve Wozniak says the iPhone is falling behind

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, which now has only very limited contact with the company, believes Apple is lagging slightly behind in its smartphone functions, allowing competitors to narrow differences. These statements have been made ​​to the German newspaper Wirtschafts Woche while attending the Business Week Best Brand Awards.

steve wozniak opina iphone Steve Wozniak dice que el iPhone se Está Quedando Atrás

Steve Wozniak believes that the iPhone is falling behind in terms of features

Everyone knows that Steve Wozniak has not mince words and does not hesitate at all when talking about his former company and products that launches. Here's what he said in the interview with German newspaper commented:

"I am proud that we have so many loyal fans. But this loyalty is not free, the need for the best products is always present. We are now, in my opinion, behind, in terms of features, in the business of smartphones. Others are much improved. Samsung is a great competitor precisely because it is currently making great products. "

As you can see, the context to drop the bomb, however, was "I'm proud of Apple and its products." Wozniak also used the interview to explain why the name Apple: "Apple got the name inspiration from the saying" an apple a day keeps the doctor away (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) "because we wanted to eliminate fear computers ".

Although it could get any Apple product before its official launch, Wozniak also explained why always queuing launch day Apple stores to buy the new products:

"The launch of a new product from Apple, for me, is like a great concert, it is important and absolutely necessary to attend in person. It's history. Sure, I could buy it online or call the store manager to give me the back door, but it would not have the experience you have any customer. But one thing is certain, if Apple makes lousy products will be the first not to attend the launch. "

Another wake-up call for Apple. Clearly, as noted above, the co-founder of the world's largest company is not shy about discussing Apple launches products, so do not completely rule out that we can see him opening up alternatives.

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