Friday, February 15, 2013

Stelapps: deal with applications including video review

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Our job applications section is one of the most popular on our website, all you like to find a game or app recessed and avoid spending those 0.89 euros or more, if you order many applications later this month can save you a leveraging peak daily deals.

In the Apple Store there are several applications that tell you if an application is for a limited time offer, if you can download it free, etc.. Opportunities to after all. Stelapps is one of those applications, but with the peculiarity that includes video reviews of the applications on offer.

How many times have you downloaded an app and try it right after you thought "what a waste of time?", Or "what scam" ... With this Stelapps not happen again, every day will send you a notice telling you that the application is available Free for a limited time, you just have to enter the application and see the video of it to see if it is worth downloading.

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Rated: 4 + stars5 Stelapps: aplicaciones en oferta con video review incluida
Price: Free (Download application)

If you decide to download the application to offer you can do from within the application of Stelapps, just push the button download if you prefer, you can share with your Facebook or Twitter contacts that this app is free just for that day, for they can use it. Stelapps already been integrated share buttons so you wont have to write anything.

Stela is a character who chairs the application, it is assumed that she is the one who recommended the applications as if you were with her ​​shopping, so we discount applications shown hanging from a hook, like we're going shopping. A simple application to scroll through the apps on offer and not miss anything, which differs by including video reviews of each application, so you know at a glance and in just a minute if the app is worth it or not, because often with catches is not enough, a video of the app in action is the best way.

And most importantly, you can download Stelapps free.

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