Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stelapps, a curious App Free for iPhone and iPad very, very useful

stelapps ipad app store Stelapps, una Curiosa App Gratis para iPhone y iPad muy, muy Útil

Stelapps is an application for iPad and iPhone that you recommended each day a different application and FREE. You'd think this is not new for the number of applications that already do something similar, but Stelapps application is completely different from anything seen so far as it shows a video of the application or game promotion so you can see exactly how will look when you have downloaded the and you will not take any nasty surprise ... Is not it great?

Stelapps, great iPad and iPhone application that lets you see how lucene to video mode, applications or games before downloading

Stela is an expert familiar with the App Store and every day shows us an application or a game of high quality FREE. Best of all is that Stela also show you a video of how the application works, but not just any one where you can see exactly how an application works and what are its main features. We already know that the screenshots that sometimes we see before downloading an application fail to correspond to reality and it hurts a lot, especially if you've already paid.

Stelapps apps gratis 503x350 Stelapps, una Curiosa App Gratis para iPhone y iPad muy, muy Útil

Stelapps offers, plus a great video, a brief explanation of the app or game you recommended. Simple but effective, and will help you know in an instant if you're interested. You can also share the recommendation most famous social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Here's the video of Stelapps for iPad:

And here the promotional video:

Stelapps is a great application that gives you a daily recommended app or game and FREE. The app is universal and works perfectly in any model of iPad and iPhone, whenever you have an equal or higher installed iOS to version 6.0. Stela Videos that offers are carefully recorded so you can check to see how an app looks before download.

The application of Stela is a completely free application that you can download right now from the App Store, why not test and tell us your experience?

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