Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sony will launch an application to enjoy more with PS4

 Sony lanzará una aplicación para disfrutar más con PS4

After completing the launch event of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony's next console offers us some news that we can enjoy from the iPhone or iPad. There have been many developments in the pipeline that are likely facing the E3 know but what we do know is that the PS4 will offer the opportunity to interact with other devices like PS Vita, smartphones and tablets.

The iPhone and iPad fall into that group so we await the arrival of a new application that allows the user s use screens of these devices to show extra content. For example, if we play a genre adventure title, we can see the map of the scene on the iPhone or iPad. Also can be purchased PS4 games from the device or watch others play (spectator mode).

Of course, this application will work under the direction Sony Play Station Network (PSN) which is currently operating in 67 countries and has a strong user base who use the service to download additional content and online play, among other things.

Although it is a new initiative at Sony, this is something that could be done with Nintendo Wii U or the Xbox 360 via the application SmartGlass.

As mentioned above, we should expect to E3 to learn more about PS4 and the application to hit iOS devices.

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