Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Solution to Problem Set Hours After iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Apply

As often happens when the scene launches a new method to jailbreak iOS a new version of the problems have not been slow to appear. This time there are problems too serious, but still Evad3rs sure that the group is already working on a possible solution to the following version of evasi0n, who have released software for Jailbreak any iOS device with version 6 onwards.

ajuste horario Solución al Problema de Ajuste Horario Tras Aplicar Jailbreak en iOS 6.1

This time, the main problem that has emerged after applying the users jailbreak their iOS devices is that the time is incorrect and autotune timezone is not set correctly. Luckily this problem has a very simple solution and probably the next version of evasi0n already settled by default.

This solves the problem of adjustment time after applying to Jailbreak iOS 6.1 device

To solve the problem of time setting on a device with iOS Jailbreak evasi0n 6 and applied simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings application.
  • Inside we access General Settings - Date and time - Automatic - On.

    ajuste automatico hora ios Solución al Problema de Ajuste Horario Tras Aplicar Jailbreak en iOS 6.1

  • We return to Settings.
  • Inside we access Privacy Settings - Location - System Services (down everything).

    zona horaria auto ios Solución al Problema de Ajuste Horario Tras Aplicar Jailbreak en iOS 6.1

  • We make sure that the time zone option is enabled, if it is not activate it.

Usually, with these simple steps automatic time adjustment should operate normally, both applied Jailbreak devices as devices that have not applied this technique.

Evad3rs, the new group of hackers who have been commissioned to do the Jailbreak for iOS 6 and evasi0n create the application so we can all use this technique in our iOS devices do so completely disinterested. Many people take advantage of their work, but everyone should understand that this type of work involves some costs (for testing devices, computers, and other common expenses such as electricity and other). Therefore, the group accepts donations to continue working their way through their work through their website . The donations are sent through Paypal and accept any number from one euro cent to millions. With this we try to encourage all that you usually apply to Jailbreak your devices you feel encouraged and you make a donation to Evad3rs hackers so they can get on with your great work.

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