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Siri vs Google Voice: The Great Battle

Will Google or Apple? Android or iOS?? Closed system? Open system? And now the issue is how we bring Siri or Google Voice? Apple introduced in 2011 a revolutionary virtual assistant called Siri, Google responded months later with a similar alternative by the name of Google Voice. Today, after more than a year on the market coexisting together, we will look at where they stand, what they offer both, why not offer and which of the two alternatives is the best positioned.

siri Siri vs Google Voice: el Gran Combate

Siri, what do you do?

If we have never had contact with the famous Apple virtual assistant and see one of their ads on television (probably see more of them if we live in the U.S.), you might think that this little virtual friend is revolutionary, amazing and probably one of the best features that have been incorporated into the iPhone since its own launch. But once you've fretted with her, we asked a thousand things and Siri has responded, what we feel?

The truth is that the virtual assistant it has been somewhat revolutionary, the ease with which we make with the questions and answers that is impressive and never before seen implemented in this way. But for now Siri is very "green", as Apple acknowledges is in its Beta phase and our experience certainly vary in the language in which we address it. If you are Spanish speaking our experience is going to be drastically limited, partly because Siri does not understand very well yet most nuances that our language and partly because the major source of information that is available in most your questions, Wolfram Aplha, not available in Castilian.

Google Voice, the alternative

Some time after the official release of Siri, Google introduced Google Voice, the virtual assistant for Android phones, and later released as iOS app. Google part of the same premise of Apple, providing users with a direct answer to any question is formulated. Perhaps Google has not thought much on the "natural and human" app and understood more as a "talking encyclopedia" focusing on the searches are accurate and complete understanding of the message.

While Siri gets the results of Wolfram Alpha, Google Voice uses your own search engine company, ensuring greater speed in obtaining results. Google currently supports the proposal among many idiomes included Castilian.

Android Voice Search vs. iPhone Siri Siri vs Google Voice: el Gran Combate

Siri vs Google Voice, face to face

When comparing the two proposals, we find it convenient to know the opinion of specialists firsthand technology and mobile devices. The first of them is Rob Griffiths and so was his conclusion on the current outlook for both attendees:

"Because of the speed, accuracy and usefulness of search results of Google, I stopped using pretty Siri. Of course, it takes a little effort to adapt, but to me it was worth it. Google has taken a key feature of iOS and made it seem a little dated. When your main competitor works better, faster and more intuitive to the integrated solution [Apple], I hope they improve the integrated solution. "

As we see, Griffiths makes a clear criticism while Siri takes to process each of the questions, partly because of what has been said. It also indicates that the results of Google Voice are more successful than your competitor, so it gives clear winner in this regard to the proposal from Google.

Also draw conclusions quite interesting interview with John Siracusa:

"That part of Google Voice search on Google can control without interference from Apple-the part where you hear your voice and converts text-perceived performance is better than Siri. Is it just a UI option in you talk to a black box waiting for me to say this reviewer Siri? Or is that the voice to text transcription of Google is much more effective than Apple? I suspect it is the latter, and that's bad for Apple. And honestly, if first I also think Apple made a mistake. "

We see the lack of critical Syracuse perception when Siri understand and transcribe our message. Certainly the statement is somewhat surprising, because it comes from an Anglo-speaker that is the language that best defends Siri. Course are individual opinions and are not necessarily extend to all speakers.

Siri vs Google Voice Search Siri vs Google Voice: el Gran Combate


Siri plays with a clear advantage, Apple, and therefore has opened the doors of all its operating system and precisely therein lies its strength. Siri can create us a "reminder", write a note, create us an alarm to wake up the next day, open any application, create an event calendar, etc ... Therefore, the tight integration with iOS that in all likelihood will increase , Siri will in the not too distant future, the best tool to control your iPhone or iPad with our voice.

On the other hand, we have seen some professionals consider Google Voice as the best option to complete quests and get our message is clearly understood. This is an aspect that should improve Siri, because although we all surprised her witty responses, we would like more wisely abstracted the order that we are asking.

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