Friday, February 15, 2013

Sir Jonathan Ive Receives Coveted Golden Badge "Blue Peter"

One of the best designers of the last 50 years is Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple's design chief. He has received many awards, but just as special as the Gold Insignia television program the BBC, "Blue Peter".

The reason is simply to consider an inspiration to thousands of children around the world. For those who do not know, remember that "Blue Peter" is a hit on British television that leads from the 50s of last century broadcast. It is dedicated to children and remains popular among these.

Sir Jonathan Ive Rrecibe the coveted Gold Badge "Blue Peter"

The program rewards creativity, and their hours are filled with fun, physical demonstrations, surprising and imaginative constructions everywhere. Well, it turns out that in one of his last programs invited to the creative genius of Sir Jonathan Ive, and half of the program was handed the famous Golden Badge

As part of this award, I've shown in one of the parts of the program that is already recorded, and to be aired this Saturday. This special program will be dedicated to electronics, so we totally agree on the guest of their choice. Your role will be giving advice to viewers on the latest technological trends.

ive insignia blue peter Sir Jonathan Ive Recibe la Codiciada Insignia de Oro Blue Peter

In addition, there will be a section that will be reviewed and discussed the most amazing designs submitted by children from around the country. Apparently, Jonathan Ive himself was very collaborative in this regard, every so often joking about the proposals.

Moreover, a follower excited pleaded program, commenting curious anecdote as when one of the presenters had used a bottle of detergent to create a support for his paintings:

I loved the way that seemingly useless products transformed it into something usable and practical. It was fantastic.

In general, Jonathan Ive seems a pretty close and friendly, despite his impressive resume. This is something that had been said before him, but it's worth remembering.

ive insignia blue peter 2 Sir Jonathan Ive Recibe la Codiciada Insignia de Oro Blue Peter

Empire This gentleman proudly showed his new Gold Badge "Blue Peter". This award is made ​​of solid aluminum, specifically designed for Apple computers. That is, they took all the creative stamp of its new owner.

Throughout history, a thousand people have received this fantastic prize. Sir Jonathan Ive is now in the hall of fame alongside the likes of David Beckham and JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter.

What do you deserve Jonathan Ive? Do you think Apple's success is due in large part to their creative genius?

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