Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SIMPLcase, an iPhone case for travelers

Are you one of those who travel frequently and have a free iPhone goes with you everywhere? In that case, certainly in some countries use a SIM card from a local carrier to avoid high roaming costs, the fees associated with roaming are usually not cheap in many cases.

SIMPLcase is a cover for iPhone 5 that conceals a hole to accommodate the exhaust SIM tray and three storage compartments dedicated to Nano SIMs card. Currently only version for the latest phone from Apple but is expected to also launch an intended iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

 SIMPLcase, una funda de iPhone para viajeros

With a design that just adds extra thickness to the iPhone (three millimeters in the central and an inch at the edges), the cover protects the terminal SIMPLcase small bumps and scratches and also we can get more of a rush to power take several nano SIM cards and clip extractor sim tray.

Besides all this, hiding SIMPLcase third functionality is the support. To do this, we need the help of a credit card (or similar) that is inserted into a small slot and places the terminal in horizontal or vertical position.

SIMPLcase is a Kickstarter project and needed $ 12 (shipping included) to join the list of users who will receive one of these cases before anyone else, provided they achieve reach the $ 20,000 necessary for the production of this founded on.

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Source - Kickstarter

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  1. Good case. How mcuh does it cost? i want to buy it. Is it available in any more colors?



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