Monday, February 18, 2013

SIMPLcase, a housing for storing multiple SIM cards

Up to 3 SIM cards you can store in this new minimalist and lightweight housing for iPhone 5, designed especially for those who like to travel and take pictures with your device.


Kickstarter Project presents the new original and affordable for all who need or want to carry more than one SIM card (and not lose them in the attempt). Or a basic support for the smartphone, then you can transform any credit card at a rapid basis for the iPhone.

If this project gets the funding required, we also forget our SIM card draw everyday objects unwanted or unsuitable for our iPhone, since the "tray" SIM card storage also includes a special tool to remove them.

If you are interested, it is truly an affordable, because you can book a SIMPLcase by the reasonable price of $ 12 (about € 9). And it's available in several colors. Although also find higher prices for the same product more sophisticated and even ask for their version compatible with iPhone 4/4S .

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