Sunday, February 3, 2013

Seven applications to give a fresh look to your iPhone

woz Siete aplicaciones para darle un aire nuevo a tu iPhone

Tired of seeing always have the same applications on the Springboard of your iPhone? As every Sunday here we are again with a collection of applications that will allow you to discover some hitherto sure you did not know, and pass a good time testing them.

This is what we offer you this week:

  • Bastion : a game that has very positive reviews after passing through the consoles and now try it on iOS.
  • Netbot : Tweetbot younger brother is free now, but need an account to use it, though.
  • Moves : If lately you think sedentary notes that this application can help you to be more active during the day.
  • MyScript : A calculator is useful, but if you over like handwriting recognition more. Ideal for startle friends.
  • djay: undoubtedly the best music mixing app is in the App Store. Many effects and a copy operation.
  • VideoBite : Adobe has solutions for all, and an example is this application for joining several videos with virtually no effort.

Next week we'll be back with more apps. This Sunday you have been sufficiently served, or so I think. Now it's your turn, when trying to get the iPhone and Android.

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