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Setting the Mode "Do Not Disturb" in iOS 6

Co-iPadsfera have posted an interesting setup guide explaining how "Do Not Disturb" now have all our devices. We echo him and we explain in detail how to make the most of this new in iOS 6.

configurar no molestar ios 11 Cómo Configurar el Modo No Molestar en iOS 6

Without further ado let's begin. As you will see, it is something more than just a muffler for our iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Among other things, we can choose when, where and who can bother us. Call it a kind of smart squelch is activated and deactivated according to certain user commands.

Setting mode "Do Not Disturb" in iOS 6

Par start, we will see that this curious how you have multiple levels. The first one is activated from the menu Settings> Phone> Reply to a message. Simply we can cut without hang them a call, sending an SMS or an iMessage courtesy to our interlocutor indicating that we are not available.

We on the other hand how "Do Not Disturb" and its parameters. The most common are to choose the time of day when you do not want to be interrupted, and allow contacts to call. However, we must bear in mind that it will silence those calls and notifications have to be made while the phone unlocked. All this can be found in Settings> Not Disturb.

configurar no molestar ios 2 Cómo Configurar el Modo No Molestar en iOS 6

From Settings> Notifications> Do Not Disturb, you can configure some parameters such as automatic ignition. This is done from the Scheduled option, setting a time period where our peacetime remain active. Not a bad idea to jump when we go to sleep.

configurar no molestar ios 31 Cómo Configurar el Modo No Molestar en iOS 6

However, can you please let some calls but how "Do Not Disturb" is active. So, you can configure some numbers that may disturb our sleep, if it's any emergency call from a relative or contact our favorites.

configurar no molestar ios 41 630x650 Cómo Configurar el Modo No Molestar en iOS 6

There is an additional option, but you can come in handy in some cases. It's called "repeated calls", and is that if the same contact calls us in less than three minutes, the system interprets it as an emergency call and activates the sound. This happens even if we have not configured like those special contacts can bother us.

configurar no molestar ios 5 479x650 Cómo Configurar el Modo No Molestar en iOS 6

The best thing you can do is experiment with this new way, adapting to your schedule and your preferences. It's simple to set up and you will soon see how relieves some pesky calls or messages at odd hours. Remember you have to have the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad updated to iOS 6 or higher.

What do you think the new mode "Do Not Disturb", which comes with iOS 6? Think you activate from now, as you know how to use it? No more prying it from receiving calls a few minutes before we wake up, or those annoying groups Whatsapp not stop ringing at the most annoying.

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