Thursday, February 28, 2013

Samsung loses another lawsuit in Japan accusing Apple of patent infringement

Today we bring you a new chapter in the endless legal novel Apple and Samsung are leading. Since Apple opened the ban denouncing the Korean giant in a court of the United States, both companies have been speaking for half the world court, accusing each other of violating patents and step to block sales of rival devices the country.

apple vs samsung2 Samsung Pierde Otro Juicio en Japón al Acusar a Apple de Infringir Patentes

Apparently Apple sued Samsung in a court of Japan and the main reason for the lawsuit was an alleged violation of Apple in certain patents related to 3G wireless communication including certain models of iPhone. Recall that Samsung also sued Apple in the United States precisely for the same reason, this time the complaint contained a series of devices that have violated patents related to 3G standards, among which are the iPhone 5 , the iPad and iPod Touch.

Samsung continues to battle Apple in court without good results

This time, according to Kyodo, the judge handling the case, Ichiro Otaka has rejected Samsung's claim and is therefore rejected his request to block Apple products in Japan. Apple has defended the allegation claiming that Samsung's patent was not very easy to develop if you take into account older products of the same company.

In turn, Samsung has shown its dissatisfaction with the judge's verdict:

"We are disappointed by the court decision taken today. After careful examination of the judgment we will take steps to protect our intellectual property rights. "

We must remember that this is a preliminary verdict, so Samsung can still appeal and we are fully confident that it will, as has happened in other trials before half the world.

apple vs samsung Japon Samsung Pierde Otro Juicio en Japón al Acusar a Apple de Infringir Patentes

It is amazing the great storm that has erupted between the two companies since Apple Samsung denounce the middle of last year. The court ruled in favor of the boys from Cupertino and Korean multinational forced to pay 1,000 million to Apple for infringement of its patents and ban the sale of Samsung products in U.S. territory that violate these patents. In the same judgment the Korean giant Apple claimed over $ 600 million for violation of its patents on 3G issues and his camera phone. That request was rejected by the court.

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