Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rovio announces Angry Birds Toons, the animated series

Among our readers know that there are many fans of the series Angry Birds, among which we find, of course. So we will not pass up the opportunity to give you know the latest announcement from Rovio: Angry Birds Toons.

Angry Birds Toons

On March 16 the animated series will premiere in which we will see birds and pigs fighting over eggs, with design and humor that has characterized the saga and the videos and ads that have been published to date.

What bird makes the pump is so angry? Why King Pig Pig is king? You ever going to get hold of the evil pigs eggs?

Time to find out!

Beginning the weekend of March 16-17, and on a weekly basis, we follow the adventures of Angry Birds from its website , so MARCAD the date in your calendar and get you started with the trailer:

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