Friday, February 22, 2013

RoqyBT4, limitations and Jailbreak

obd RoqyBT4, las limitaciones y el Jailbreak

If I have to choose between iOS and Android in practically everything I stay with the Apple platform, but there is one feature that Google released to developers and users while Apple inexplicably shut, and none other than Bluetooth communications.

Solution in sight

Obviously any limitations by Apple has its way of being evaded by Jailbreak, and Bluetooth would not be the exception. The utility that Bluetooth use with a multitude of devices supported in principle called RoqyBT4 and in some cases is a real must-have for our iPhones.

The application aims to bridge the gap between a Bluetooth device not supported by Apple and an application that also supports in principle the device, making it possible for example that we can use an external Bluetooth GPS antenna and GPS antenna of the iPhone.

Specific Uses

Once we know more or less that is is time to learn how we can take advantage. There are three clearly differentiated groups: the external GPS, heart rate monitors and OBDII tape.

  • External GPS: We can connect any GPS NMEA protocol support Bluetooth and even GPS antenna to another mobile phone connecting to it via Bluetooth. This may seem useless is just great if for example the antenna of your iPhone is not working properly and we want to leave a Bluetooth for the car.
  • Heart Rate belt: It is very common among the exercise apps promote their own heart rate monitors and not allow the use of other cheaper. With added SPORT RoqyBT4 and we use a Bluetooth heart rate monitor anyone, which will save a good bit of money that we can use in buying a whim.
  • OBDII: If you like cars OBDII protocol should meet, and also the Bluetooth OBDII. The iPhone can not connect via Bluetooth standard, but only to those equipped with WiFi, worth 5 or 10 times more. With the added RoqyBT4 OBD will have no problem to use apps like Rev or DashCommand.

You can find RoqyBT4 in Cydia at a price of 5 euros, in my view, justificadísimos. The app is in the process of being updated to iOS 6.1, or that's what the developer has told me. It works for me perfectly on iOS 6.1.2, I must say.

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