Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Real Racing 3 and available in some countries

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Although his arrival was not expected until February 28, it appears that the release of Real Racing 3 is ahead two weeks in some locations. For now, you can already download in Australia, Canada and New Zealand to other countries but will not arrive until the release date was originally scheduled: Feb. 28. A good Valentine's gift for the lucky but a blow to the rest.

The description of Real Racing 3 in the App Store has revealed qu e will be a total of 45 car brands such as Porsche s, Lamorghini, Dodge, Bugatti and Audi. A level paths, the game features real tracks that stand between the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone and Hockenheim.

In the single-player campaign will be about 900 qualifying events to enjoy, acceleration or tests. Due to the difficulty of some of them, we will have to improve the performance of our car buying parts and customizing performance. Of course, do not forget the online mode to compete with people around the world.

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A graphic level we have said on other occasions that Real Racing 3 is a major evolutionary leap. This is due to 3 Mint graphics engine that can simulate damage to the vehicle rearview mirrors functional dynamic reflections and other effects contributing to increase the reality of the game.

Best of all, Real Racing 3 is a free game for the user but will complements in-app-purchase. Firemonkeys want to bet on Freemium policy for those who want to evolve in the game in less time than others.

A pity that in Spain we have to wait until 28 February to enjoy this wonderful game we've been waiting since the launch of iPhone 5.

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