Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Possible files are discovered subscription spoke iPad music application

After the highly anticipated and successful launch of evasi0n is finally possible to jailbreak all iOS devices 6. As you know, we can also jailbreak by accessing the system files of our iOS devices, and as a result has discovered a new icon on radios that seem to give us the possibility to subscribe to reproduce stations.


These icons are hidden within the Music app, which leads us to believe that possibly be a future feature of iOS 7, in which the user can subscribe to different radio stations to hear directly from an iOS device.


Moreover, as indicated in 9to5mac, the file names include the word "buy" (Buy), which could have some sort of connection with the purchase of subscriptions to radios. Although it could also be related to the ability to purchase directly from iTunes, songs you hear on the radio and that we like.


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