Friday, February 15, 2013

Planetbeing think the Jailbreak iOS 7 will be more complicated

The Jailbreak for iOS 6 devices has only to land a few days ago, but there are people who are thinking about the next generation operating system and whether it will be possible to apply the procedure to Jailbreak iOS version of the future that, if Apple continues with the trend to which we are accustomed should come after the summer.

Planetbeing, one of the hackers Evad3rs group, responsible for implementing Evasi0n Jailbreak for iOS devices with 6.1 (and later, at least until today), has published its views on the possibilities for iOS Jailbreak 7 .

planetbeing Planetbeing Cree que el Jailbreak de iOS 7 Será más Complicado

According to the hacker, Apple is getting increasingly more difficult things. For iOS 6, the Cupertino company covered many of the failures that allowed them to access the system to perform the jailbreak. Because of this, they have had to manage to be able to Jailbreak iOS 6 and has returned almost to the early days of the Jailbreak for iOS, when the model was first existed and were taking the first steps in this direction.

Planetbeing opinion that the Jailbreak for iOS 7 will be much more complicated than hitherto

This suggests that the Jailbreak for iOS 7 will be far more complicated than iOS 6 and considering the history of earlier results are not likely until after 6 or more months since launch. Of course it is possible that Apple messes something and opens the door faster than you think right now, but if iOS developers do not mess up, Planetbeing believes that the future version of iOS will continue to improve its safety and further closing holes today allow them to perform the jailbreak, but probably can still use some of the tricks that have server this time.

Certainly Planetbeing words are not at all encouraging, especially for people who like to apply Jailbreak their iOS devices, but otherwise it's good to know that Apple is concerned about the safety in the operating system and with each version is being improved. This, after all, besides putting harder Jailbreak also makes it harder for us to suffer other malicious attacks.

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