Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pixplit, create photo collages with your friends

What is Pixplit?

This well designed application allows to share our photos and create photo collages to work with our friends.

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Increasingly often find applications that share our photos, but this goes a step further. Each area of ​​our collage is a picture uploaded by a different user. This way of interacting with others is an interesting twist to the increasingly common "homework" to share pictures from your mobile phone.

How does it work?

The application is simple and intuitive.

There follow a few simple steps to get a collage:

  1. Choose a template from 9 available.
  2. Add a photo collage to any space, from our camera and our image gallery.
  3. Using a filter (11 available) or a white frame if desired.
  4. Post the collage and wait for another / s user / s to complete.
  • Choose a title and label our collage representative with keywords will help other users to participate.
  • You can mark our location.
  • We share our posts via Facebook / Twitter / Email.

IMG 5108 IMG 5109 IMG 5107

Some strengths of this application as to save our compositions in the library of our device, the ability to collaborate with others to make stunning and unpredictable results or simple way to discover new collages in sections of Featured / Popular make this implementing an alternative to other services like Instagram. Thanks to this network, the added plus of creativity and collaboration, becomes a concept as used as collage in a new way to communicate and express ourselves.

And best of all ... is free.


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