Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our impressions after the first day of MWC 2013

You know that, but at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Apple does not participate, we think is very interesting to attend this great gathering technology and see what's cooking for the mobile world. This time, the MWC is marked by two major lines: the overture NFC technology to the general public and the introduction of new operating systems (like Firefox OS) that allow mobile market openness.


Of course, we do not forget the presentations of new handsets with Android and Windows Mobile, especially considering that some of them have left us open-mouthed. But nevertheless, it is clear that the general line that is being imposed is to make all these technologies are useful to many people as possible, ie, there is a real approach to anyone in any field.

Galaxy Grand MWC 13

Why do we say this? We all know that the mobile revolution began in small specialized niche or high knowledge about technology: youth generally or specific professional sectors were the precursor groups in the use of advanced mobile terminals. Behind them, the general began to intensively use tablets and e-book readers, for instance, without going to name the number of the games industry. Now, however, we begin to see that learning all these years removed from test, applied to the home, car or school.

Ford SYNC AppLink

All this is not new, you will say, is true. But it is also true that brands are betting on MWC make life easier for everyone. This is referred.

We have seen modern mobile focused elderly (bricks not outdated), canes including GPS chips to guide their owners while strolling, devices adapted to health care and conducting intensive sport, home attendants, and applications devices to control our home or vehicle and no matter where we ...

And what else? As mentioned, new and different operating systems to make mobile market more competitive and there is differentiation between companies. This, of course, benefit the consumer end ... provided that operators put the batteries and make our country better connected places and facilities in connections.

Firefox OS

The tone on the new mobile terminals has focused on "bigger and better", trying to summarize broadly. We have seen multiple terminals 5 "or larger, as the Galaxy Note 8.0 or ASUS FonePad that as extra feature have the "camouflage mode", turn a blind face when we start talking about them ...

Joking aside, we have also seen phones that we liked a lot, such as Motorola or Nokia Lumia RAZRi 720. For other news expected as the Samsung Galaxy S IV, we will have to wait for March 14, the date that the company has given to its presentation.


Within all the logical and predictable in terms of developments, we liked it a terminal NEC dual-screen, allowing use in full mode or separately, for example to check an email from one and surf the Internet from another. We know that it is not a new concept, one need only know the Nintendo DS or the Sony Tablet P, but how to carry out its small size and dazzled us.

NFC technology is one of the bets of the MWC 2013, taking advantage of most brands (excluding Apple clear ...) have emphasized technology inhal√°brica, organizers and exhibitors have put many points that allow you to "interact" with the fair to either download an app or to get to the website of the company in question.

In addition, with the collaboration of Sony, Movistar and La Caixa, many of the asitentes who applied, have been given a Sony Xperia U, NFC equipped to live the most of the "NFC Experience", detail fully appreciated.


Then we leave you with the video highlights of the first day of Mobile World Congress 2013 to give you an idea of this first day of the fair.

Ye shall surely miss some stands, that's because the show has changed location (Plaza Spain at Gran Via) and there are more than 20,000 m² exhibition! But still, we will have a next installment with more gadgets and curiosities to be found in the 90,000 m² of exhibitors :)

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