Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Sunday afternoon ideal for testing new apps

domingo Una tarde de domingo ideal para probar apps nuevas

If you have one of those relaxing Sundays I think you're in the perfect time to dip into your iPhone and get ready to discover new applications. This week we bring a lot of quality in a really interesting selection of apps.

These are the seven apps that we offer:

  • : the popular desktop page finally affair with an iPhone application that is sweeping the Top Free in the App Store.
  • Hill Climb: a game that hooked from the first moment of the simple and fun it is.
  • Fast Camera : While the iPhone camera app is not bad, missing things. This app will complete one.
  • Gratitude Journal 365 : live happily is important, and this app will remind us of the best that happened every day for an entire year.
  • Mailbox: Mailbox tried, the email application from which everyone is talking about.
  • NY Handy : If you soon visit New York you can not miss this application. It's great.
  • Bad Piggies : it seemed that history ended with the birds, but pigs of Angry Birds are giving a lot of play.

Next week I'll be back with so many apps for your iPhone is always working and you bring forth the best of it. Today I enjoy playing these seven, which are numerous.

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