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One Infographic Shows you spend your money on Apple

Although investors have begun to worry about the future of Apple, the company remains one of the richest in the world. The Cupertino have added another 13,000 million to its cash in the last quarter, bringing the total to 137,000 million.

Surely this number will continue to grow, as Apple does not really spend much money. Maybe a few million dollars in research and development, and hundreds of data centers and other facilities. In any case, not enough to deplete your checking account.

dinero apple Una Infografía Muestra en qué Gasta su Dinero Apple

How Apple spends your cash? Show it to you in an infographic

People of has made ​​an infographic to show that Apple spends most of his money. Here you have it.

infografia gastos apple Una Infografía Muestra en qué Gasta su Dinero Apple

We analyzed Infographic showing that Apple spends its money

For example, we see increased spending in the areas of sales and administration, as well as in research and development. In the first, spending in 2012 increased dramatically, from 2,429 million dollars to more than 10,000 million. Regarding research and development, we can see that in 2011 was invested no less than 7.599 million dollars, while in 2012 the cost was almost half, 3,381,000. A sign that Apple is making a strong bid for iCloud and cloud services.

On the other hand, spending on data centers in 2012 is estimated at 7,000 million dollars, which represents an increase of 94% compared to 2011. That if the forecast for 2013 speaks of only a 7% increase in this field.

Advertising spending also increased dramatically in 2011, from $ 691 million spent in 2010 to 933 million in 2011. If we divide it into key products, the iPhone and the iPad, the iPhone will have spent $ 647 million in advertising since 2007, while the iPad has been spending 457 million dollars. As for lobbying expenditures, Apple spends the least by far with only $ 500,000, compared to $ 5 million Google spent.

Finally, we can also see in the infographic actual cost of Apple products. Each 9.7-inch iPad costing Apple $ 347.55 plus $ 10.75 materials of construction, ie, $ 358.3, which represents 57% of the cost of product sales. As for the iPhone 5, Apple will cost $ 199 in materials plus $ 8 in manufacturing costs, ie $ 207, which means, simply, 15.4% of the sale price free.

What do you think? The truth is that it is a rather interesting infographic, right?. Some data are truly amazing. Have you noticed what Tim Cook wins?, Amazing.

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