Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One analyst says the low cost iPhone will be released in China

iphone mini Una analista asegura que el iPhone de bajo coste serĂ¡ lanzado en China

The statements today come from the hand of the analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley. According to this expert, the "iPhone mini" (so called iPhone Huberty at low cost) will be released this year and the first country to be released is China. Clearly, since Apple does not do more than give us clues about the importance of the Chinese market now, which has become the principal of the California company. From there to see an iPhone exclusively for that market and there is a big jump.

A big leap to Katy Huberty not considered inappropriate, as currently the iPhone 5 in China adds 10% of the market. The launch of a cheaper iPhone would help Apple to gain another 10% of the market and would take ground to their local competitors. Huberty dares even to give prices: the iPhone mini would cost $ 330, a cost that would put the level of other proposals for ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei.

The price of $ 330 for an iPhone mini would be free, no contracts with operators, so the smartphone might even be cheaper if Apple will market with major telephone companies in the country with which it already has closed agreements: China Unicom and China Telecom. The phone might be released later in the U.S. and Europe.

Apple finally succumb? Market low cost smartphones? What do you think?

More information, China has become the largest market for smartphones in the world

Source- CNET

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