Monday, February 25, 2013

"ITheft" New Police Department to catch thieves of iPad or iPhone

It may be that we have passed one or know a colleague who has lost his iPhone or iPad, or even worse, have it stolen. In a situation like this, where virtually everyone walking down the street with a cellphone in your pocket with values ​​that can range between 100 and 600 €, it is normal that thieves see this as a source of revenue very succulent.

Apparently, the mobile theft cases and especially the apple devices are increasing in the city of New York, where no further than last year 12,000 were stolen Apple products. On the occasion of the great increase in claims related to this fact, the NYPD has decided to take up the matter and create a department that deals specifically with these cases.

nypd iphone 449x350 iTheft, el Nuevo Departamento Policial para Atrapar Ladrones de iPad o iPhone

The NYPD has created a special unit to catch thieves iPhone and iPad

This unit will work directly with Apple in order to collect any information that might give them a clue where to find the thief. This information will be used to try to locate the device via geolocation. Of course this measure has already been used in the past to locate the thief, but the first time you create a special unit dedicated to it, thus achieving greater efficiency and speed to handle such cases.

This was recounted a member of the NYPD:

"We're looking for ways to find people who have stolen Apple products to return them to their original owners."

Apparently, the unit has already scored his first successes. In one case, arrested a thief iPad that was already in the Dominican Republic and returned the device to its user. On another occasion, dismantled the business of a man suspected of selling iPad was previously stolen.

It is certainly a great move that should be exported to other countries, as this is a problem that affects a greater or lesser extent to all major cities. This should be required close collaboration enters the police, Apple and mobile operators. Of course, we should not exclude any of the other brands, all should have a police stand behind has proven as effective as the city of New York.

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