Thursday, February 21, 2013

Negotiates a free Spotify music for your application

spotify Spotify negocia un servicio gratuito de música para su aplicación

One of the weaknesses of the Spotify application for iOS devices is that it will be useful for users with a free account. The application is reserved only for those with a monthly subscription of $ 10 and allows unlimited music listening. The desktop version of Spotify does offer the option to listen to music without having to pay a monthly fee. Yes, this version has some limits for users.

Now the company is about to renew the distribution agreements with major music labels and has taken the opportunity to present new negotiations on the table. Spotify calls on record companies more freedom to set the price sy has also requested that its application for smartphones and tablets can do streaming music for those users with free accounts in exchange for time limits and emission of advertisements.

If until now Spotify has offered these services, it was not because did not want to, but that is due to heavy conditions imposed by the recording industry.

Hopefully Time Warner, Universal and Sony Spotify accept proposals. Things will get even more interesting if Apple gets to launch its own streaming music service.

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Source- The Verge

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