Thursday, February 21, 2013

Model printable such as an iPhone 5 Inches

For the past few weeks has been much talk about the possibility that Apple put on the market a new iPhone with a screen larger than 4 inches. We could say that this rumor got its start when talking about the possibility that the market lanzase Apple iPhone with a screen of 3.5 inches. Finally it happened with the iPhone 5 , Apple's first smartphone with a screen of more than 3.5 inches.

iphone 5 pulgadas maqueta Maqueta Imprimible de Cómo Podría ser un iPhone de 5 Pulgadas

Upon its release, Tim Cook himself (current Apple CEO) said they had been studying very thoroughly and change came to the conclusion of the 4-inch screen could be used with one hand, something that Apple seems essential in a smartphone. Other manufacturers are betting on larger screens, but Apple seems to be pretty clear that will not pull a phone with a larger screen, at least not yet.

Surely anyone remember the words of Steve Jobs saying the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone before the iPhone 5 was the perfect size and flatly refusing to launch a terminal with a larger screen. Apparently, the new policy did not think so and the result was the iPhone 5.

This could be an iPhone with a 5-inch screen

Now you hear rumors about the possibility of a new iPhone with a nearly 5-inch screen, people MacRumores instructed the CiccareseDesign design studio creating a 3D model such as an iPhone with a screen of 5 inches.

The result is a sketch PDF that anyone can print, mount and get an idea of how it would have a 5-inch iPhone in our hands. Of course, weight and feel in the hand hold is not the same as an actual device, but the size.

We have not tried it yet, but I'm sure more than one will be interested in this papercraft print to find out how it would have an iPhone with a 5-inch screen in your hands. One recommendation, better print on paper or card stock thick enough to be a model a little tougher.

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