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Managing Hero3 GoPro camera from iPhone

Screen Shot 2013 02 15 at 7.20.09 PM Manejando la cámara GoPro Hero3 desde el iPhone

In recent weeks we have had the opportunity to test the camera from GoPro Hero3, launched last October, and you can capture spectacular images. The camera lets you record in high definition formats and 1080p with 4K frame rate per second we choose (which, for example, allows us to make adding video games "slow" then in issue). The GoPro Hero 3 camera is available in three different models: White Edition ($ 199), Silver Edition ($ 299) and Black Edition ($ 399), the latter being the most likely to offer recording formats.

The new integrated wireless cameras, so we can manage with a remote control (including in the case of the black model) or the iPhone. And it is to navigate the camera itself is quite complicated, because we have plenty of options and we only have two buttons to move between them and confirm: very confusing. The control is a solution to this interface problem, but certainly have the GoPro application for the iPhone is the best alternative.

The application will allow us to change quickly, all our camera settings without having to touch it or remove it from its housing turn. With the iPhone application can set video quality, frame rate and capture megapixel images we take.

app gopro Manejando la cámara GoPro Hero3 desde el iPhone

The application, which connects to the wireless set by our camera, the video does not show that we recorded, but it comes to teaching, with few seconds delay, which are capturing the moment. Thus, the iPhone not only acts as a remote control, but also makes viewer. This saved us having to buy the GoPro camera screen, which is sold separately.

In short, if you're thinking about getting a GoPro Hero3 or already have one, you can not miss this free application.

More- So Hero3 GoPro Camera

561350520es Manejando la cámara GoPro Hero3 desde el iPhone GoPro App
Developer: Woodman Labs, Inc.

Rated: 4 + stars2.5 Manejando la cámara GoPro Hero3 desde el iPhone
Price: Free (Download application)

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