Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mailbox: worth the wait?

If I know that the output of this app already has his days, but today I gave for wanting to try this new mailer opportunity to give something back.

The reviews and comments on the specialized blog made me look at the app, but the reviews I have seen so far in the AppStore in Mexico are very low because MailBox reserves the right of admission. So, Mailbox is an app that has its own servers and do not want to risk the stability of the same giving entry to all users who have iOS, as this could cause these collapse and its implementation will fail.

This launch "beta" or programs without leaving to the public is not new, I remember like it was all hype G+ social network to which you walked by invitation only, but not the same launch a product at this stage that an app, because the app rely heavily on the feedback they receive and when all are bad because one hopes to use at the time the downloads.

However, it promises that the wait is worth it as they have re designed in the way you interact with your inbox. Of the major changes that this app promises is a "zero inbox" that is, you will not have your e-mails unread 876,469, well so they say, this is achieved by combining a good mix of simplicity of sending a message, a transmission activities and easy to use touch gestures, the latter let you send your email to hell to the trash, or the option that you "get back" later in the day or week.

We already test this app will be playing at the moment I am a user has to wait for more than 600,000 users, and personally unfavorable point is that it only works with Gmail accounts, but I hope to change that, but as a point in its favor is if you have push notifications so you will not have to use another app or JB for these function as the Sparrow app.

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