Friday, February 22, 2013

Luxi, other accessories for photography lovers

Kickstarter you know it is an inexhaustible source of good ideas. The latest to be published and which is related to the iPhone is Luxi, an accessory designed for photo enthusiasts who have a DSLR camera.

With very small dimensions, Luxi is installed in the front chamber of the iPhone so that, together with an application that is capable of measuring the brightness of the environment, we provide the appropriate parameters for shooting with a DSLR. It is an original way to save money on the purchase of equipment that are much more expensive. In a video presentation that you have at the top you can see clearly the usefulness of Luxi within the world of photography.

The Luxi project in Kickstarter liked both still missing 43 days to finish and has already topped the $ 10,000 needed to realize the production of accessory.

How much Luxi? For $ 14 you can do with each other which should add another five dollars in a matter of shipping if you live outside the United States.

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Source - iMore
Link - Luxi on Kickstarter

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