Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Limit the time you use an application or game with AppCap

Are ye who are weary of tainted to some application or game (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Pixel People, Tiny Tower, Line Pop ...)? Well with AppCap tweak you can put limits on the number of applications this newsletter.

AppCap 1 AppCap 2 AppCap 3

With simple settings of various parameters such as the name of the app in question, the number of starts, the frequency or the hours and days of use we want to give after restarting the device, we list the application.

For example limited to 5 uses per day, not to start an application last X hours or disallow starting over every X hours.

The limit will be two options: prevent opening the application or receive notification via text box with the message that we have introduced. In this way we can control our "addiction" and avoid be entering every minute to see if our farm is ready or if we have new messages on Facebook.

The main drawback is that only allow us to block an application at a time, so it is ideal for people with one addiction.

AppCap is available in Cydia for free.

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