Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LG shows its new Optimus Pro G in an ad "inspired" by the Apple

LG released a few days ago a new promotional video to unveil its new smartphone: the LG Optimus Pro G.


The peculiar thing is that mimics the iPhone 5 announcement showed that the process of a panoramic photo with the famous "pataaata". Although not a vulgar lack of imagination, but has every intention in the world.

And is that once the panoramic simple example of what the phone is capable, teaching a VR panoramic option or tracking the movement approach and just changing the single panoramic picture of the VR.

Here I include both so that you see:

  • Apple iPhone 5:

  • LG Optimus Pro G:

It seems that, although in this case not mock iPhone users, the marks of "competition" comparisons still need to prove they are better ... what do you think about this type of advertising?


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