Monday, February 11, 2013

Leaked photos of iPhone-styled 5S

This morning mysterious photographs have appeared showing what could be essential components for the manufacture of the next iPhone 5S . They come, of course, a website dedicated to the world of Chinese technology. According to the authors, it would without doubt the production line of the new Apple smartphone. To increase its credibility, its claims have accompanied a number of high-resolution photographs. Here we show a few of them, including some internal parts of the device.

Leaked photos of iPhone-styled 5S

The truth is that such leaks should not surprise anyone. Every time we can see parts of the future projects of the company on the block, written thousands of lines of text in blogs, forums and social networking, speculating about the new features and characteristics of the device in question. This time, no one knows for sure if the pictures are true or if instead refer to an iPhone clone manufactured in Asia.

partes filtradas iphone 5s 650x435 Se Filtran unas Supuestas fotos del iPhone 5S

The source is the Chinese portal, who posted the photos on Monday morning. As you can see, the covers shown have all the appearance of a real Apple product, so the reactions were not long in coming. Thus, the website notes that the company apple would have favored again by the vibration mechanism used in the iPhone 4S, ignoring the technology used in the latest iPhone 5. Apparently, the new oscillator is used far more noisy than its predecessor and therefore have decided to return to the old.

partes filtradas iphone 5s 2 650x487 Se Filtran unas Supuestas fotos del iPhone 5S

Meanwhile, the famous specialists 9to5Mac notes that this iPhone 5S components have so far not known in their guts. Perhaps it is some changes in the design process to reduce costs and simplify assembly, learned of the enormous problems of production that has brought the iPhone 5 throughout the fall.

partes filtradas iphone 5s 3 650x487 Se Filtran unas Supuestas fotos del iPhone 5S

The site specializes closer inspection ago, implying that not believe that these pictures are authentic. In his view, this is a clone of the iPhone 5 manufactured by some unknown brand here in the East, but in China succeed. The smaller battery, 1150 mAh, is what has made them suspicious.

partes filtradas iphone 5s 4 650x487 Se Filtran unas Supuestas fotos del iPhone 5S

If we pay attention to this theory, the images come from the plant that is making copies of Android, making the smartphone called Goophone. Will Apple something about it, or will miss these pictures subtracting importance?

partes filtradas iphone 5s 5 650x487 Se Filtran unas Supuestas fotos del iPhone 5S

Finally, here's some of the workers of this production line making a break from their hard work. Will be included to give credibility to the leak?

partes filtradas iphone 5s 6 650x485 Se Filtran unas Supuestas fotos del iPhone 5S

It is assumed that the iPhone 5S, if any, will be released later this year with a more powerful processor, a camera with higher resolution and the same design as its predecessor. Could be offered in various colors and come preceding another smartphone, perhaps the iPhone 6, up to 4.8 inch screen.

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