Friday, February 22, 2013

Lead Me Home, the new memory game, free for a limited time

Lead Me Home is totally innovative, resourceful and a different style to all memory games so far known.


If you like to test your skills with simple games, do not let this opportunity slip away and try this new game with nice pets.

Memory, but also of wit. It is a game whose protagonists are small creatures (slimes) that need that carry them safely at the end of each level. That is, you must complete the levels avoiding obstacles that could cause you to lose one of your little monsters along the way.


Come to have up to 5 slimes followed, each with a skill. Your goal is to skip the obstacles that appear on the screen by choosing the appropriate character (the game itself shows the ability of each in the first levels), such as picking up objects, fly or destroy obstacles.

Sounds simple, but it is very addictive and has its difficulties. It's a universal app, free for a limited time and highly recommended personally.

Lead Me Home

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