Monday, February 4, 2013

Kodak Completes Sale of Patents to Apple and other companies

In recent years, Kodak is going through one of its worst periods since the inception of the company. A few months ago the company filed for bancorrota, why they have been forced to sell much of its intellectual property to a consortium of companies which is part Apple to pay its debts.

The sale of patents has now finished, after the judge in the case approved the transaction at the beginning of last month. Specifically, Kodak has managed to raise about $ 527 million through the sale of its patent something that will help them achieve their goal of emerging from bankruptcy in the next six months.

kodak logo Kodak Completa la Venta de Patentes a Apple y Otras Compañías

Kodak sells a package of 1,100 patents for $ 527 million to Apple and other companies

These 527 million dollars were paid by 12 large companies: Apple, In Motion, Google, Samsung, Adobe Systems, HTC, Facebook, Fujifilm, Huawei, Amazon, and Microsoft Shtterfly. Companies competing in many cases, so it really surprised you have agreed to this deal with Kodak.

The number of patents that have acquired these companies is 1,100 and most are related to digital imaging, a specialty of Kodak. Still, the selling company reserves the right to use the patents in their upcoming products, and retain ownership of 10,000 patetentes to higher, which gives us an idea of ​​the enormous potential of Kodak and the number of patents recorded during the years the company has been operational.

In addition to the sale, the deal includes an agreement to fully resolve all litigation between the companies that have purchased and own patents Kodak. Thus, Kodak forget the legal issues that might be having with these companies and the potential cost saving of lawyers, lawsuits, and other potential claims.

patented Kodak Completa la Venta de Patentes a Apple y Otras Compañías

No doubt the play Kodak has gone round. Get a few million dollars to pay debts, can continue to use the patents, get rid of possible lawsuits and still have other patents they can use to negotiate.

We do not know for now is that patents describe who bought companies and if you really have no way of taking advantage of them in a short time, we especially want to know if Apple could use some of these developments on devices like the iPad or iPhone or even other product in the company as the Mac or software like Aperture or iPhoto.

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