Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kickstarter already has official iPhone app

Our downfall has come in the form of application ... For if we had enough with the website Kickstarter now available for iOS, so we can not only navigate through all your projects, but "buy" directly.

Kickstarter 1 Kickstarter 2 Kickstarter 3

In case you do not know, Kickstarter allows people around the world to present their ideas and projects, so that people can show their interest in buying the products they have created, so that they can afford the initial investment. Here you can see a few of the projects we have been publishing on the web, watch com Pebble , the bulb LIFX or play République .

The application now supports only iPhone and iPod Touch, so if you have an iPad will have to wait to take out a compatible version. Of course the app is free, but we can not ensure that you end up buying something ... ;)

Kickstarter for iPhone

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