Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jonathan Ive's intervention in the program 'Blue Peter'

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The past weekend we reported the intervention of Jonathan Ive in one of the longest running programs on British television: 'Blue Peter', from the BBC. The Apple vice president of design received a tribute by the children's program responsible for inspiring children around the world through their work. Now, we have his speech available on YouTube in full, in which Ive talks about design in general, but also have time to discuss some of the inventions of young viewers.

For example, a girl who teaches design has made a backpack that does not weigh much and it shows the different compartments that are inside. Jonathan Ive highlights the quality of the drawings of the young. The second pack, a boy, has a unique design and a very curious distribution. Finally, another girl presents Jonathan Ive a backpack that has the option of putting a key to that "other kids do not steal your lunch" of the compartment. It also includes a GPS system so you can always have your bag checked and to find it quickly if you lose it.

At the end of the video, the presenter Jonathan Ive rewarded with the Gold Badge of the program, an acknowledgment that they have received 1,000 people since the start of the TV program in the late 50s.

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