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Job offers Apple unveil the future of iOS

Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 7.22.00 PM Las ofertas de empleo de Apple desvelan el futuro de iOS

The jobs posted on the corporate website of Apple still giving us clues about what we can expect in the future. So far we know that the company is looking for someone that turns Siri a personal assistant "with more spark." Moreover, this week we saw how the company is looking for new software engineers to improve the iOS Maps application 6. Now, new jobs show us what we were thinking since Tim Cook fired the vice president Scott Forstall, iOS father: big changes ahead.

With the departure of Forstall, Apple can finally take the step to radically change the interface of iOS and OS X, something that at first might worry. But we can not forget that now, the head of Apple's design genius Jonathan Ive, so "we are" in good hands.

Apple hints at changes that are coming through the description of the jobs advertised to find a senior software engineers and interface designers:

"We looked at a Cocoa engineer to help us re-imagine how user interfaces should be built and run."

This could be the year in which the software of our iPhones and iPads reborn with a radical facelift. The same would happen with Mac OS X, but it seems a little fast for both projects to see the light this year. Probably have to wait a little longer to see big changes.

Hopefully with iOS 7, Apple finally enable those features that users have been waiting almost since the advent of the iPhone and only Cydia has offered so far. We miss an option to close all applications at once and shortcuts that help us manage the screen brightness or the option to turn on / off the Wifi. These are some of the most heard requests by users: behind them there is a long list of improvements that iOS needs.

concepto de ios 7 Las ofertas de empleo de Apple desvelan el futuro de iOS

It is time to implement these changes. Hopefully it is possible to see them reflected this year during the celebration of World Apple Developers Conference in San Francisco organizes each year in June.

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Source- Wired

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