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iPhone and iPad: the more devices activated in Enterprise Environments

Apple has never been a company with too much presence in the business world, but it seems that in recent years this is changing a lot. The company is reputando lot in this sector and, just as in the domestic market, the fault of the company's iOS devices, both the iPhone and the iPad.

Apple dominates the smartphone and tablet activations in the business world

According to the latest report published by device activations Good Technology, the fourth quarter of 2012 iOS was the clear winner, taking 77% of the total device activations in the enterprise market, compared to 71% obtained the same period last year . The main competitor, Android, saw its pasadan figures of 29% last year, to 22.7% achieved in 2012. Definitely a big win for Apple and its devices.

activaciones smartphones empresas iPhone y iPad: los Dispositivos más Activados en Entornos de Empresa

Good Technology provides secure mobile devices, applications and security and data and analyzed all activations through a network of more than 4,000 corporate clients among which is half of the companies in the Fortune 100 (the 100 most powerful the world). That is, it is a fairly reliable sample.

The activations of the iPhone 5 represent almost a third of all device activations. The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S showed a slight increase in activations during the quarter, attributable to the drop in prices after the arrival of the new model to the Apple catalog. The top five in terms of total activations devices have come on the iPad 3 and the iPad 2, so it is clear that the winner during the Q4 of 2012 was Apple, with his five devices occupying the top five.

The first devices appearing on the top of activations and Apple is not part of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The flagship of Samsung reached 6% of total device activations, enough for sixth in the top quarter.

activaciones plataformas empresa iPhone y iPad: los Dispositivos más Activados en Entornos de Empresa

Although Apple still dominates the tablet market in the business world with over 90% market share, competition with Android devices continues to increase. They have gone from having a representation of 2.7% to 7%, so that the Cupertino company would put the batteries but wants to lose share. Still, it is important to mention that the so-called "phablet" devices like Galaxy Note of Samusng were classified as tablets for this study of activations.

activaciones dispositivos iPhone y iPad: los Dispositivos más Activados en Entornos de Empresa

IOS and Android devices continue to form a duopoly, although other competitors began to arrive. For example Microsoft Windows Mobile reached 0.5% of total activations, significantly lower than other competitors, but still should not lose sight of the progress of this competitor.

The market for smartphones and tablets is going through a critical time. Many manufacturers trying to compete for a place. Right now Apple and Samsung are dominating and destroying the rest of the competition, but you can never rule out any of these companies fall and get another take his place. This is perhaps one of the most interesting things you can learn the outcome of such studies Do not you think?

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