Saturday, February 23, 2013

IPad Cases Factory transforms water from a river in "Milk"

Had they ever been the covers for the iPad as harmful to the environment? In one district of the city of Shanghai think so. Since they opened a factory for the production of bags and derivatives for the iPad have seen their river water has gone from a healthy to a white crystalline tone reminiscent of the color of milk. Precisely jocular hence the name that has spread among neighboring populations, "the milky river".

Leaving the comic strip of the nickname, the issue is much more serious. The river water potability and have lost all her dead fish are constantly drifting, the water is not even suitable for irrigating the fields. The neighbors have shown their discontent claiming that the river water began to be corrupted when the company opened its doors two years ago.

A river heavily polluted due to the activity of a factory covers iPad

Contaminación pág 91 Fábrica de Fundas para iPad Transforma el Agua de un Río en Leche

Local authorities have already taken up the issue and are investigating the company producing these covers, Casetek. A company representative told the Financial Times that "it's just a game routine cleaning is done every year" and also denied any connection with that company's pollution, "We will cooperate with the government to resolve this issue but river pollution has nothing to do with our production line. " However, environmental agents that are working in the case that said polluting factors from the water used in the cutting and polishing process is performed on the plant. What's more, we also found that the company violated some environmental preservation standards.

Although Apple is not responsible for these irregularities, they will negatively affect his image, because as stated Casetek, the Cupertino company along with HP and Asus are the main buyers of the products manufactured at the plant .

1646195 Fábrica de Fundas para iPad Transforma el Agua de un Río en Leche

We assume that Apple will be particularly interested in this issue to be resolved as soon as possible, as we have said, not because it has a direct responsibility with the problem, but it is true that openly boast of having an ecological program which cause the least impact to environment, using recyclable and environmentally friendly products, reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and integrating low-power chips. This news does not favor especially the greener side of the block, so hopefully it is resolved as soon as possible.

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